Who we are and what we do












  ICE was established in 1995 under the original name of Immobiliser Central Europe, Ltd. The main activity was connected with car security systems produced by The Immobiliser, Ltd. This UK company coined the product name „immobiliser“, the most popular anti-theft car security system. The number of installed systems reached 25,000 pieces.

  In 1996 the activity of the whole company was converted to global communication systems, like GSM and Internet. As one of the first companies in Europe, ICE has started development of intelligent  microprocessor units working in a GSM environment.

In 2004 ICE has started several telemedicine projects for early stage disease screening.

The complex system called HealthAnalyst is designed as an on-line system for home care.


Partner companies:

        Immobiliser Central Europe, Ltd.     www.icenet.cz

        Trilobyte Statistical Software, Ltd.   www.trilobyte.cz

        KB Soft, Ltd.                                   www.kbsoft.sk

        BIOCONS, Ltd.                               www.biocons.sk

        MacTechCity, Ltd.                          www.mactechcity.cz

        PrenCare, Ltd.                                www.prencare.cz



        BioAnalyst IV         

        CardioAnalyst I      


        PrenCare Home

        DV Buddy




Products TBD:

        BioAnalyst V Home

        CardioAnalyst II Complex




       INTV, Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic  www.intv.cz

       DYNAVIX, Inc., Prague, Czech Republic  www.dynavix.cz


Academic partners:

        Charles University (UK), Prague, Czech Republic

        Technical University (CVUT), Prague, Czech Republic

        Palackeho University (UP), Olomouc, Czech Republic

        Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

        Yale University, New Haven, USA

        University of Missouri, USA