I – help-You
IHY - New communication system for endangered people


Jaroslav Jansa, Ph.D.




I – help-You












Presentation Content

•ICE company - introduction
•Principles and philosophy behind the I-help-You system
•History of the development
•New conception and the scheme of the system
•Saving time for endangered people
•Insight into the future
•Summary and the final



Immobiliser Central Europe, Ltd.

1999 – Product SignBox, developed with OLYMPUS Optical, Co., Japan was awarded by ICT EU Prize 2005 – Personal Watcher awarded by GALILEO Masters Prize
2007 – JESTØAB - IDET 2007 prize for Czech Military Product of the year

European Union projects:
SCORE – GJU project lead by ALCATEL ALENIA Space (2004 – 2006)

Service of Coordinated Operational Emergency & Rescue using
Egnos project is to launch a first operational prototype of
E112 and emergency service co-ordination LBS (Location Based Services)
as well as to stimulate the EGNOS and Galileo market.

The SCORE architecture is based on hybridized terminals
incorporating Inertial Sensors and an innovative GPS
acquisition algorithm and a state-of-the-art location
server enabling Enhanced A-GPS.

MARIUS – PASR 2005 project lead by EADS (2005 – 2007)

Interconnecting groups which are normally separated

The Endangered (children, handicapped people, people with acute diseases and victims of violence, traffic accidents, and natural disasters)

The Rescuers (Policemen and members of emergency squads. Also physicians, nurses and other medical staff)

The technology, IHY brings, allows the members of the first group participate in the emergency situation and become effectively the rescuers.

The underlying philosophy of the IHY is based on mutual relationship between activities of both groups during non-standard situation


Personal unit HUMET

Size: 55x25x90
Battery: 1,6 Ah – 5 days
OLED display
Panic button

Current status

Personal unit – ready for production
Vehicle unit – in production
GIS servers – in operation
Medical expert system – ready to be integrated
Interfacing with existing rescue infrastructure - Pilot versions just to be deployed